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Taylored Workwear Ltd. was founded in the year 2000.

The company was set up by Mrs Satwant Shelly Taylor after family health problems caused their local Company office to close.

Shelly has been associated with this type of business from childhood  and it only seemed right for her to carry on with this type of work.

Shelly started as a sole trader working from a spare room in the  family home which was soon out grown and subsequently moved to a larger  site which could accommodate both the family, but also had the potential  to grow the business.

After starting with a zero customer base through hard work and  determination Shelly was very soon knocking on doors not only in the  local Newtownabbey area, bit spreading further afield into the  neighbouring counties and then into Southern Ireland.

The hard work and long hours started to show growth within the  company and then employed its second member of staff and became limited.  Originally out sourcing the embroidery process it seemed that the  purchase of its own machine would be the next crucial step for the  business and with quite a large investment in 2007 the Company purchased  its first eight head machine. This brought the company into a new  dimension, not only through the huge learning curve and the  technicalities of embroidery but also that the company was now able to  offer an even faster turnaround service for its growing customer base.  In house embroidery also opened doors for a bespoke service which  Taylored Workwear Ltd specialises in.

As Shelly travelled around the province word of mouth started to  prove that it was a very important part of the business and it was not  long before people from different aspects of business and sport where  contacting Shelly and asking for her services. The company then expanded  again with the purchase of its second eight head embroidery machine in  2010 and was also able to employ another member of staff, the investment  now doubled production and provided a faster turnaround time.

With economic down turn affecting not only business’s but the public  alike the decision was taken by Shelly to look further afield and with  research was able to land a contract form a major truck manufacturer in  England. This has proved to be a fruitful contract and Shelly supplies  the whole of their dealer network in all of the UK , Southern Ireland  and a channel island.

This again brought new challenges as they needed printed garments and  subsequently Shelly made the decision to diversify into heat seal  printing which is also now carried out in house. Although there is  economic uncertainty not only here but across the world it is people  like Shelly who continue to strive to get through this hard time and  only in the last couple of months has been able to secure a contract  with one Northern Irelands biggest growing companies, this has enabled  her to take on another new member of staff.

Hard work, determination, and a bit of risk proves that there is  hope, and whether it is the local ice cream van, coffee shop, hair  dressers or the major players in local business Shelly is prepared to  take it on.

Taylored Workwear, tailoring your Workwear needs.

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Whatever you're into we have a product for you.
Our products range from Workwear, School uniform and Sportswear to personalised stag and hen tees, mugs, phone covers and bags.
We also have our own bespoke range of sportswear and workwear.
We also offer a free online shop for teams and clubs, taking away the hassle of selling online.

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We offer a full range of garment decoration services all carried out at our purpose built Newtownabbey workshop.

  • Embroidery.
  • Transfer printing.
  • Vinyl printing.
  • Sublimation.
  • Screen printing.
  • Bespoke sportswear and uniform.


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